About APPCityLife® , Inc.

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APPCityLife connects people with cities through a complete end-to-end mobile and cloud platform where cities, developers, civic hackers, nonprofits, schools and enterprise can publish robust mobile apps with seamless Open Data integration. Our platform is powerful enough to support rapid prototyping for experienced coders and developers, but  it is also easily accessible to those without any previous coding experience; we empower individuals to create solutions and build mobile apps which address challenges they see within their own community. APPCityLife is also a strong supporter of STEM education initiatives from early education to higher education; we partner with schools, continuing education programs, STEM-focused groups, and adult education institutions.

Meet Our Contributors

Lisa: CEO / Founder
Lisa currently serves as Founder and CEO of APPCityLife, Inc., a civic tech corporation focused on connecting cities and people globally through a patented non-developer friendly platform delivering mobile solutions for cities, non-profits and small businesses. She drives customer acquisition and retention, marketing, social media outreach and public relations. Lisa

Lisa serves on the Small Business Advisory Council for NM Congresswoman Michelle Grisham and the Albuquerque Women’s Entrepreneur and Business Council. She is the recipient of the 2014 Women In Technology Recognition award and was named a 2014 Woman of Influence. She has served as a judge for the NMTC WIT Annual Women In Tech Awards as well as the Stevie Business Awards for Women. She is a frequent participant and keynote speaker on the topics of smart cities, civic tech, STEM and women in tech, women entrepreneurship and leadership. Lisa also serves as cofounder and sits on the Board of Directors for Hautepreneurs and HauteHopes, a nonprofit empowering women to become financially independent as entrepreneurs by providing access to mentoring, scholarships and training. She is also a featured IconNext blogger on Huffington Post.

Connect with Lisa: 
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Lawrence: Cofounder / COO

IMG_2307Lawrence serves as Cofounder / COO and architects APPCityLife’s platform to enable our team to develop creative solutions for our customers’ challenges. He bring years of both technical and startup experience to his multifaceted role within the company, with over twenty years as a software engineer. Lawrence is a successful serial entrepreneur who has raised millions in venture capital and experienced successful exits. He co-founded Tekworks in 1998, a software company that was part of a successful IPO and subsequent $820M acquisition by Symantec. He was an original software architect of SMS for Microsoft Back Office and has developed enterprise solutions for Disney, Dell, Walmart.

Lawrence serves as a mentor for Hack the Hood and often serves a guest speaker on the topics of civic and mobile tech, open data, as well as STEM and mentoring. He is passionate about empowering others.

Connect with Lawrence: 
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