Why I am cofounding a Network for Women Entrepreneurs

Why we need a network for New Mexico’s Women Professionals, Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Mama CEO™

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One of the questions I get asked the most frequently is what inspired me to launch a brand new business in the middle of growing another one. It’s a fair question – growing a business is a lot like having a newborn, and it can consume every waking moment as well as eat into your personal life. And I wasn’t the only one fully engaged in a business – my two cofounders are successful businesswomen running their own companies and raising their own families. So taking on another challenge might seem a bit counterintuitive for all of us on the face of it.

But launching Hautepreneurs was actually borne out of a need we all three knew was lacking in our own professional experience. Just weeks before I met my cofounder, Jessica Eaves Mathews, I’d flown to New York City to attend the Women Entrepreneurs Festival

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