A Better Way To Curate Loyalty: Passbook Coupons

When the deep discounting craze started getting traction a few years ago with burgeoning businesses like Groupon and Living Social, we looked at the model and decided that because it wasn’t good for our customers, in the end, it wouldn’t be good for us. Since I founded APPCityLife, it has been my philosophy that if it isn’t sustainable and isn’t something that builds value on both sides of the equation, it isn’t going to be part of our product offerings. Since then, several major news outlets have covered the often debilitating side-effects for small businesses offering deep discounts, and this was driven home again when our own local news station recently reported issues affecting small business owners. Local Businesses Frown On Groupon.

Passbook Coupons: Good For Customers & Businesses

Fast forward to this year: when Apple announced the release of the Passbook SDK with their latest iOS update, we were explored the new options open to developers. We’re sold. This is a concept that not only serves developers well but also fits within the budgets and marketing plans of small businesses, enterprise and civic organizations.

Why are Passbook Coupons a better bet than deep discounts? Businesses keep control of the coupon offered, a single up-front cost of $25 is the only out of pocket expense, and instead of attracting one-time shoppers who only visit for the deep discount, Passbook Coupons curate loyalty through continual reminders each time a customer is nearby.

We’re developing a few new concepts we’re still keeping under wraps, but I’m really proud that so quickly, we’ve just launched our Passbook Coupon development service for businesses nationwide. With a small fee, any business can create a coupon which can be shared via email blasts, through companion mobile apps or downloaded through in-store QR codes.

What is so different about a Passbook Coupon? Once the coupon to an iPhone Passbook App, the coupon automatically appears in the lock screen on the phone any time the customer is nearby. The geolocated reminders to shop locally are a powerful tool for businesses to curate loyalty. The coupons can also be changed dynamically to provide updates, new offers or additional information. Try that with print!

This Holiday Season, we’re ready to help clients get into mobile quickly. Our passes can be developed within hours and deployed to consumers everywhere through our CityLife apps.

Want to get started? Sign up online, and we’ll do the rest. Have questions? We’re here to answer them. Visit our website for more information.


About APPCityLife

APPCityLife connects people with cities through a complete end-to-end mobile and cloud platform where cities, developers, civic hackers, nonprofits, schools and enterprise can publish robust mobile apps with seamless Open Data integration. Our platform is powerful enough to support rapid prototyping for experienced coders and developers, but it is also easily accessible to those without any previous coding experience; we empower individuals to create solutions and build mobile apps which address challenges they see within their own community.
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