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Beauty, Simplicity and Functionality Blend in Anywhere App

When we decided to launch our Anywhere app in the iTunes Apple App Store, we knew that three things were key to creating a great app – aesthetics, easy of use and quality of content. Anywhere has all of them. Continue reading

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How Relationships Built An App For One Rural Doctor

Mobile has in many ways equalized the rural with the urban, allowing innovators anywhere to reach out beyond the borders of their local communities. Continue reading

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Go, Moms! Zipcar Founders’ Story Inspiring

Ok, besides the butchering of their names in the opening paragraph, Entrepreneur’s article profiling Antje Danielson and Robin Chase, founders of Zipcar, is an inspiring read. In 2000, two moms with converging interests paired up to launch a now thriving company. And … Continue reading

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Friday Inspiration

It is not actually our successes or failures that define who we are; it is the courage to pursue a dream, the perseverance to continue in the face of adversity, and even the fortitude to walk away and begin again that says what we are made of. Continue reading

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