Insight: One Tech Founder Says It’s His Job To Mentor His Daughter.

So usually it’s women writing about the need for more women in tech. Here’s one father who says it’s the dudes who need to step up and start mentoring their daughters.

Dads, Let’s Mentor Our Daughters To Be Future Tech Leaders

John Andrews, CEO/Founder, Collective Bias

(via Ted Rubin’s blog STRAIGHT TALK) A guest post by John Andrews, Founder/CEO Collective Bias.

Where are all the women tech leaders?

With the exception of Facebook all of the high profile newcomers are led by primarily male teams.  The inherent problem is we’re missing out on a significant source of brain power and innovation that at the end of the day will make these businesses less competitive.  Additionally, as most people over the age of 2 have realized, men and women approach opportunities, problems and innovation from different angles.  Leveraging both genders will build stronger, more vibrant companies.


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4 Responses to Insight: One Tech Founder Says It’s His Job To Mentor His Daughter.

  1. Thanks for posting Lisa. John and I are both passionate about being Dad’s to daughters and doing everything we can to be a guiding light in their lives. Really appreciate you taking notice. Make it a great day!

    • appcitylife says:

      Dads who have an interest in their daughter’s interests and take time to mentor their children are giving such an amazing gift to the future. With two tech startups in our household, my daughter told me that if nothing else, we’ve taught her to never be afraid to pursue her passion – whether she choose a tech route or not.

  2. John Andrews says:

    Thanks so much for the support! I’m really committed to this vision, even if ultimately Mary Catherine chooses another profession, she will have been exposed to this industry. Manynthanks for helping to spread he word!

    • appcitylife says:

      It’s a great goal. And if you mentor her well, she’ll have the confidence that she can pursue a profession that sparks her passion, whether it is in technology or some other field. Opening doors, expanding the idea of what is possible – that’s the real goal. And it was inspiring to see your commitment to do just that. Kudos!

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