Meet Jonathon Abeyta: gamer, climber, app designer

Jonathon Abeyta, APPCityLife Technical Intern

(This is part of a continuing series of posts introducing you to our excellent team of interns who are spending their summer working for APPCityLife.)

When Jonathon Abeyta enters the University of New Mexico Mechanical Engineering Program this fall, he’ll already know his way around the campus quite well, having already spent two years during high school on the UNM campus working in both the Robotics and the FSAE race car departments through a mentorship program. Abeyta is serving as the technical lead for APPCityLife’s Technical Internship Program this summer, managing the planning, design and development of mobile applications, adapting with ease to the technical development tools and honing a talent for design.

Says Abeyta, “I chose to work at APPCityLife, because mobile apps are the future. I saw this as a great opportunity to get experience in a new technology that will be used is so many different areas of our lives. “

An accomplished athlete who has previously competed in baseball and tennis, Abeyta has been nationally ranked in competitive rock climbing seven of the past ten years, ranking as high as 6th in the nation. He has previously served as team captain of his climbing team and has volunteered for trail repair and building through the Access Fund. In his free time, he enjoys playing X-Box games. After earning a Mechanical Engineering degree, Abeyta plans to work abroad designing cars.



About APPCityLife

APPCityLife connects people with cities through a complete end-to-end mobile and cloud platform where cities, developers, civic hackers, nonprofits, schools and enterprise can publish robust mobile apps with seamless Open Data integration. Our platform is powerful enough to support rapid prototyping for experienced coders and developers, but it is also easily accessible to those without any previous coding experience; we empower individuals to create solutions and build mobile apps which address challenges they see within their own community.
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